Achieve The Optimum In Vehicle Performance With Hunter Balancer Service in San Antonio

Hunter balancer service in san antonio

Billy Bob’s Repair & Tire is now equipped with the Hunter balancer service in San Antonio, with the Force Match HD, which provides optimum balancing through the use of a high quality load roller, bottom-dead-center laser, and other patented features.

This system will balance any wheel, from passenger cars to heavy duty assemblies! The integrated wheel lift will precisely center all wheels, and will accept and mount even the heaviest wheel assemblies with minimal effort. The patented SmartWeight® system provides weight savings, reduces labor costs, and saves time!

Hunter Balancer Service in San Antonio Features:


  • Load Roller:
    Roller detects high spot of tire and allows matching, accurate results.
  • Bottom-Dead-Center Laser:
    Speeds tape-weight placement and improves accuracy.
  • SmartWeight®:
    Odometer tracks savings, minimizes weight usage, and maximizes productivity.
  • Dataset® Arms:
    Auto-selects balancing mode and performs runout measurement on rim.
  • HammerHead™ Option:
    Speeds clip-weight placement and improves balance.
  • Wheel Lift:
    Easily lift wheel assemblies up to 500 lbs and aids proper mounting.
  • CenteringCheck®:
    Ensures proper centering and eliminates setup errors.
  • Balance any size wheel:
    Services cars and light-trucks, and uses standard adapters.

Watch The Hunter ForceMatch Video Below To Learn More